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This will be the first time that i'm writing down my progress in hair growth. I will be up loading pics and how my hair care regimen is going.
I will stop using hair products for companies, I will be using natural things found in nature and make my own hair care products.
To start i will add the basics:
Hair type: 4a, high density, thin strands, "o" shaped curls
more to come
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School is over and now I can try to post more. I have gotten' in to the whole face book thing. I'm on that more then this journal. I find that most of the people I know have my space. So Imight make the switch someday. Later.
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Its been a while.
I had 5 assisignments do this week and was a mad week. Next week is reading week, so no class.
I found out that my cousin is getting married...she is 21. I don't have a problem its just a big shock to everyone in the family. When my older sister asked if she doesn't feel that she is to young my cousin said "well my dad thinks its ok". Wouldn't you say that you are old enough to make your own choices and you love him. Anyway the engagement party is next month.
I just wanted to put it in writing that I think that I'm starting to like Dong Bang Shin Gi's Choosey Lover.
Two days age i had my top two wisdon teeth pulled out. I can only eat soup and stuff that don't have little bits and I hate it.
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It's a coke special!

I saw the real video of Pete and I can't understand how someone can just sit there and watch someone get high like that.
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I have to much work to do for school. I'm in class right now. and everyone is tripin' becasue of the work that is due in the next 3 classes. And now the teacher is stressing.
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Today I was a little late for class, because of a power outage. I had to walk to school (first time since winter started)and when I got there half the class wasn't there.
I need to pick between 3 films with mythology for class. One is Troy with Brad Pitt, Hercules a TV movie or Jason and the Argonauts.
Maybe I'll just read a book. I got a lot of time before its due.
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I'm watching Celebrity Big Brother now. Danielle is crying because everyone outside wants Jo out. And she know that people don't like her too.

I also found out about Maki's new single. I hope its another dance song. And that soon after the single is out, they tell us the date the album is released.

I just preordered Maki's G-emotion DVD.

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Just did a quiz and here it is.

You scored as Padme Amidala.


Padme Amidala


Darth Vader




Obi Wan Kenobi




Anakin Skywalker


Mace Windu




Clone Trooper


General Grievous




Emperor Palpatine


Which Revenge of the Sith Character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
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I would have liked to write this sooner but I had papers to do.

I was looking around Maki Goto forums and saw that she has all her singles released with DVDs and cards for her Korean fans. Only one store has them and they are over $80CND with shipping. I still don't know If I want to get it. I still don't know how much of a fan I am of her I like some of her old song. If I get those then I have to get her albums and concert DVDs. Thats alot of $$$

If I had to choose between anything from Johnny's or the Maki Box set I would get the CDs.

And what happened to ugly Betty? Why no Betty tonight?

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Well this is my first entry. Obviously. I just got my order from Yesasia and I'm listening to Bae Seul Ki's cd now. I'll watch Minmi's 2006 concert later to night after American Idol.

Last night I saw Kelly Osbourne: Turning Japanese. Kelly goes to Japan for 5 weeks and does different jobs around Tokyo. She works at a maid cafe and has no problem doing that (but bursts out laughing)because she likes the outfit. But then asked to massage guys hands she walks out. Saying that she wouldn't even do that for her boyfriend.
Then next thing she does is get Samurai training. She seemed to hate this the most something to do with her being left handed and getting yelled at form leaving before the Samurai master.
The best was the last at the Love Hotel. She had make runs to the rooms and give them there orders. She freaks out when a woman asked her to take a picture of a man tied up while the woman was sitting on him while doing the peace sign.
During the whole show kelly wanted to go home because she miss not being able to say what she feels, doesn't like eating noodles everyday and wants real food, can't understand what people are saying (she has a translator), and she misses her family.
Anyway thats more then I was planing to say for my first post. Should I have talked about myself?!
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